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Wellness Programs @ the Lab

Where are you at in your wellness journey?

Do you need a low-anxiety space to find strategies for your most stubborn and long-lasting symptoms? If so, I’m here to get you there. 

For 15+ years, I’ve worked with specific protocols and programs to help people to conquer difficult symptoms and to self-manage the shifting daily demands of chronic conditions. 

At GWL, I’ll provide free strategies for you to apply at home and within your community to tackle the most daunting health challenges in your life. 

My team and I will offer wellness programs & resources for:

  • Chronic illness self-management & strategizing
  • H. Pylori and dysbiosis
  • Gut microbiome optimization
  • Gallbladder and liver detoxification
  • Stress and hormone regulation
  • Building immune system resiliency
  • Genetic profile coaching
  • Traditional food and ancestral diet planning
  • And more . . .

As we build GWL, we will offer comprehensive strategies for all the above goals. But I will also be offering virtual wellness coaching for folks who want a personal health navigator . . . rather than trying to find the destination all by themselves. Either way, I will be here to help in any way I can. 

My health coaching and educational mission depends on relationships with several trusted affiliate nutraceutical suppliers. When you use GWL’s free strategies, I hope you will take advantage of the supplements we trust AND support our mission at the same time. 

Right now, publishing our strategies on GWL is a process, not a finished project! Keep following us, and you’ll find powerful new tools around every corner. 

-Miranda Brist

Miranda has 15+ years of experience in holistic health and wellness coaching: with a special focus in helping folks harness the power of traditional ethnomedical knowledge and cutting-edge nutraceutical therapies. At GWL, she also draws on her experience as a public health and youth development worker, a geography and history teacher and high school academy director, her graduate work in South Africa, her formal studies in Asian languages and cultures, as well as ongoing studies in phytotherapy and clinical herbalism. Follow the link below to read more about her backstory.