what do we do?

We are here to help you advocate for your own health needs and the needs of your community.

At the lab you can . . .

  • Let go of your health anxieties  and take a breath. 
  • Find out more about your health concerns.
  • Learn about the four dimensions of health: your body, your relationships, your environment, and your health system. 
  • Explore your options in wide world of modern and traditional health care systems 
  • Question common health beliefs and health biases in your social circle
  • Practice the art of shared-decision-making and empowered communication with all of your health care providers.
  • Design strategies to improve your health–strategies that fit your needs, limitations, desires, and location.
  • Build a plan, a support network, and maybe even a new personal mission.

Miranda Brist, M.A. Co-Founder, Health Educator

Miranda has 15+ years of experience as a health educator. She has also spent years working in multiple health care roles, including: massage therapist, coach, advocate, clinical herbalist, and a continuing education curriculum developer for integrative medicine practitioners. She has worked for a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services sponsored study in adolescent health and as a youth development facilitator for anti-bullying programs in Minnesota and Iowa. 

Additionally, she spent several years studying South Asian language and literature at the University of Minnesota, after which she surprised everyone (including herself) by moving to South Africa instead of India. There she completed a Masters in Migration and Displacement Studies (a sub-discipline of geography) at at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (2018), with emphases on South Africa’s national education curriculum and migrant labor issues. 

Miranda is now a founder and the assistant director of an alternative high school academy in St. Paul, Minnesota; where she teaches world history, geography, and design.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given her diverse personal and career experiences, Miranda sees health care and wellness concerns as global issues that demand community-level action and system-wide analysis. But more personally, having struggled with her own disability and chronic illness, Miranda stands in solidarity with those who are faced with health battles that may never completely go away.

She’s now facing these challenges on a different battlefront with the Lab team, including her favorite subject matter expert (and father), Dr. Jeff Brist, D.C.