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Find a holistic healing strategy for your chronic health problems through the power of plants, botanical research, & traditional medical knowledge from all over the world. 

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Miranda Brist, M.A.

Clinical Herbalist, Phytotherapist, Health & Wellness Coach, and World Geography Teacher. 

When it comes to chronic health problems, I’ve played every role: patient, practitioner, and caregiver. I’ve been a health and wellness educator for over 15 years. I now work as a clinical herbalist AND as a geography teacher – professions that are more intertwined than you might think. I’m also a second-generation holistic health practitioner, which is relatively uncommon among Americans of European descent. 

My family embraced the early wave of holistic health care in the 1980’s. It’s hard to believe that as recently as 1995, most people didn’t believe it was important to eat whole wheat rather than white bread! Now, the health solutions that seemed so bizarre 30 years ago dominate every magazine cover. And natural health products and quick fixes (of widely varying quality) are a dime-a-dozen. Research-based natural health strategies and solutions are much harder to find. 

I’m driven to find natural strategies for chronic symptoms not just because it’s central to my family heritage and professional communities, but because every day of my personal life is shaped by the struggles of chronic health conditions. I know what it feels like when you can’t get out of bed and have to put your life on hold because your body demands it. I also know what it’s like to finally be able to get out of bed when you find a powerful new strategy. And for me, those strategies have almost always come from plants and plant research. My holistic herbal wellness strategies are based upon clinical experience, cutting-edge research, and global healing traditions.

The Global Wellness Lab is not a place to find a diagnosis. It is a place to seek knowledge and draw a roadmap towards healing. You are the most important factor in any strategy. You know your body’s needs and the dimensions of the spaces and places you call home. I am here to be your virtual partner: to listen, seek to understand, and help you make a plan. I offer personal online health coaching services and free guides to my wellness programs. But ultimately, I aim to give you access to a whole new world of botanical healing solutions to explore on your own or with your practitioner. 

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What can else you do at the Global Wellness Lab?


Find out about the ORIGIN of those pesky symptoms that just won’t leave you alone.   


Design a cutting-edge wellness strategy that finally gets to the ROOT of your problem.


Build a better inner and outer environment that restores and RENEWS your life as a whole. 

Announcing . . . the Radio botanical Podcast!

Miranda and Lucas Brist explore the history, geography, traditional knowledge, and current medical research on medicinal plants from around the world AND ALSO discuss the ways you can harness the power of plant medicines in your own life. 

We discuss the newest research in phytotherapy – in other words, how plant extracts and secondary compounds (also known as secondary metabolites) can be used to develop natural product interventions or nutraceutical therapies for tough illnesses. 

We spotlight health problems, potential herbal and natural solutions, and interview the innovative researchers that aim to solve those problems through their investigation of the healing properties of phytochemicals.

But no matter what, we always aim to analyze AND apply.

Every episode will include a takeaway to help you and your practitioner apply the newest (or oldest) botanical knowledge in your own health strategies.

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the four dimensions of health

Your health is part of a network of people and settings and situations, including:
• Your body
• Your relationships
• Your environment
• Your health system

Think of these elements as concentric circles that surround each other, starting from your body inside the inmost circle, expanding outward to the systemic circle that represents a variety of global elements interacting with one another to impact your health. 

All of these elements leave an imprint on you. 

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Current e-book: Anti-Viral Toolbox

When you encounter a virus, your body has to to counteract all four stages of viral infection to keep you healthy. If a virus succeeds it will:

  1. Enter your body. 
  2. Replicate and spread throughout your body. 
  3. Resist direct attacks from your innate and adaptive immune system. 
  4. Cause collateral (and sometimes irreparable) damage in its war with your immune system. 

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